Sunday, August 10, 2008

My Face Actually Hurts

I slept at a weird angle last night and my tooth is killing me. I need to go buy some oral care gel to make it numb. Numbing away any sort of pain is the only way to get past that type of thing in life.

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Jack is "that guy" said...

Your face makes me hurt all the time.

I think you need to listen to the underOath album more. I didn't like it the first couple listens but it's really grown on me. Define the Great Line was so amazing so I think my expectations for Lost in the Sound...were way out of proportion. My one complaint is that it has too many "instrumental" songs that it could've done without.

Haven't watched any movies recently. I want to see Burn after Reading and that's about it. Stoked for Body of Lies though. I finished Heroes Season 2. It was not that great and they totally shortened it cuz of the strike and the storyarcs were exactly the same as the first season. I'm addicted to Chuck now, still love Dexter, I'm sick of Weeds, still watching Grey's Anatomy and hands down think The Office is the best show on right now.