Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Forgetting Sarah Marshall...

...was awesome.

I have never before heard such a glorious Gandalf reference, nor ever heard a reference to the awesomeness of Mr. Snuffleupagus.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Lars and the Real Girl

Last night I settled down to watch Lars and the Real Girl (LRG) after having watched a lousy movie (Dragon Wars aka D-War) followed by an awesome action movie (Alien vs. Predator: Requiem - Only good for the unrated version). By the time I reached LRG, I was somewhat tired of continuous action, and was intrigued by the little info I knew about LRG. All I knew was that Ryan Gosling was in it, and he turns everything to gold, as well as that the plot revolves around him buying a sex doll as a girlfriend. And that is all I will say about the plot. Beyond that the way the movie develops caught me so off guard, much like Gone Baby Gone and No Country for Old Men did, that I could not believe that this movie slipped under my radar and I only watched it based off of someone else getting it on Netflix.

So go and watch this movie.

I would also like to add how this movie added to my growing dislike for the movie Juno. Juno was a film that when I first saw, I actually liked. however, in this liking I felt the movie was very flawed, and personally felt the script was very forced in terms of much of the dialogue. After thinking about the movie later, I began compiling a list of why I actually did not like the movie. This dislike grew when it was nominated for multiple oscars, especially the Best Picture category, which I felt should have been filled by either Gone Baby Gone, Into the Wild, or several other great films. However, now having seen Lars and the Real Girl, I can safely say that I hate Juno, as it stole the limelight from LRG, which is a great film.

Thursday, April 17, 2008


I gave the page a facelift, so now I have a photo, and a profile and some other crap.

I also added a poll on my page. It runs until May 10th, so please respond to it quickly.

New Blog + Internet Advice

So this is my new blog entitled "Oh My Face Hurts". I have made several attempts previously to craft a successful blog, and have failed each time (first was another blogspot account, second was a joint blog with Stanton Gagel that fizzled out quick, but may make a return at some point). As of yet I have made no attempt to personalize this blog but I imagine the near future will bring some gloriousness to my profile and aesthetic feel of this space.

That being said I have a few things to say about the internets. The first is that people take the internets far too seriously in general. This online galaxy exists for a mere four purposes. These purposes are as follows:

1. Instant News/Gossip
2. Funny Photos (LOLcats, Motivational Posters, etc.)
3. YouTube
4. Lying

Without lying, the internet would not exist, and nor would my internet fame as a message board flamer. I really don't know how I would spend my days if I was not searching the internet for deep message board posts, and taint them with my comparison of their mothers to fecal matter. That is why the internet exists, and I think a lot of people have yet to embrace their inner d-bag.

That being said, I leave you now with these parting words of wisdom:

"Life is like a hurricane,
Here in, Duckburg."